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Shane Aspegren


Coming In Going Out Coming Out Going In




Zero Halliburton case, ceramics, glaze, spray paint, coral, clay, rocks, coins, glass, Medusomyces gisevii, digital print on fabric, packaging foam


Closed: 67 x 50 x 22 cm (26 1/2 x 19 1/2 x 9 in.)

Open: Dimensions variable

Suitcase Institute is pleased to announce Coming In Going Out Coming Out Going In (2019), a suitcase artwork by musician and visual artist Shane Aspegren. The suitcase will provide opportunities for visitors to handle and interact with the artwork within a hard-wearing Zero Halliburton case, a suitcase typically used by musicians, photographers, astronauts and diplomats to store and carry previous cargo.


Exploring passages of ritual and value systems, Coming In Going Out Coming Out Going In utilizes hand-made and found objects, and features visual effects such as moiré patterns, in addition to written mantric text. The work invite participants to activate an emergent energy, a proposal that in itself can be rejected, expanded on and/or executed to one’s satisfaction. 


Coming In Going Out Coming Out Going In is the first suitcase artwork produced by Suitcase Institute. The artwork has previously appeared on public walkways, inside institutional spaces, and on pedestrian bridges in Hong Kong. For more details on Suitcase Institute and its future projects and locations, visit www.suitcaseinstitute.com and subscribe to the newsletter.


To request an interview with the artist or the co-founders of Suitcase Institute, please contact willem.molesworth@gmail.com

Shane Aspegren (b. 1975, Nebraska, USA; based in Hong Kong) works at the intersection of music, sound, installation, video, photography, ceramics, and performance. His artworks are characterised by their juxtaposition of carefully-crafted and improvisational elements, exploring a cross-discipline perspective on such topics as metaphysics, habitual customs and human response to natural phenomena.


In addition to his solo works, Aspegren has collaborated closely with Adrian Wong since 2014, through their installations, videos, prints, sculptures and public interventions, including the series Third Eye Kaleidoscope (for which they were awarded an Arts Development Council grant), the multi-faceted exhibition Cromniomancy and the immersive performance/installation Ci Ha Visto Un Re (A King Saw Us). Aspegren has additionally worked in roles as composer, performer or choreographer for exhibitions and performances with Tarek Atoui, Samson Young, Manuel Pelmus, Ivanhoe Lam, Huang Rui, Cody Hudson and others.

As a composer, writer and multi-instrumentalist Aspegren has made dozens of studio albums and performed hundreds of concerts around the world including festivals such as Primavera Sound & Coachella to prestigious venues such as the Whitney Museum of American Art. He was half of the internationally acclaimed duo The Berg Sans Nipple from 2001-12 and later co-founded the Hypno-Tropicalia group Blood Wine or Honey, who released their album Fear & Celebration to worldwide acclaim in 2018. Aspegren also performed as a musician on recordings and world tours with Bright Eyes, Songs:Ohia, François Breut, Don Nino, Woodkid and others. 


Aspegren remains active as a composer and performer in both underground and performing arts contexts (dance, theatre, experimental opera) as well as for film scores and soundtracks. His improvised and one-off projects have included collaborations with dj sniff, Arto Lindsay, Ikue Mori, Jerome Lorichon, Quintin Rollet, Antilles, Kung Chi Shung, Nerve, Silver Apples and many others. 

Aspegren received a BA in Film Studies from University of Nebraska. His work has been exhibited internationally including at Palazzo Reale, Milan; Spring Workshop, Hong Kong; Para Site, Hong Kong; K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong; Frank Yang Foundation, Shenzhen; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Anthology Film Archives, New York; Rossi & Rossi, Hong Kong; Guggenheim Museum, New York; and the Venice Biennale, Venice.